Harry Smith's Old Weird America
Story of Folk Music
Filmmaker, musician, painter, mystic and string collector--Harry Smith wore many hats during his long, eventful life as a key figure of underground culture through the latter half of the 20th century. In this jubilant documentary, director Rani Singh hones in...

Rani Singh

90 Mins | 4:3 | Stereo | Color | Not Rated
Lockdown USA
"Lockdown, USA" is a feature documentary set on the front lines of the dramatic campaign to end the "War on Drugs" and repeal the Rockefeller Drug Laws. The film follows Wanda Best, whose husband was sentenced 15 years to life,...

Micheal Skolnik and Rebecca Chaiklin

90 Mins | 4:3 | | Color | Not Rated
When a long weekend brings four women together in the countryside, each of them is forced to navigate the depths of social interaction as virtual strangers. How well do we really know the friends we make in adulthood? And in...

M. Blash

93 Mins | 1.85:1 | | Color | Not Rated